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  • They just had to cut off the cancerous part, and then he had to have chemo, and after a year, so far, the cancer hasn't come back. Half a dozen more Calormenes had run up behind him.
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  • I feel, I don't know, all tied down or something. May I say how happy I am you avoided Ishido's treachery.
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    It should have seemed invasive and pushy, but it was actually very comfortable. I want you to stay here, and- I am not one of the injured, she said stiffly, and he hesitated, then nodded slowly.

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  • Snorting in alarm, he padded across the tent toward Yalith's sleeping skins.
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  • Well, I exaggerated some of these truths a little--but only a little--but my idea was to kill his sham sentimentality once and forever, and so make a good fellow of him again.
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  • The flowers were pink and white, so Dawn and I had both gotten our ways.
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  • No, the two ships haven't moved relative to us, Gillbret.
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  • Eventually, the friend suggests his pal might do him a small favor; a minor and inconsequential piece of information is needed.
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    The orthodox maneuver, and not good enough, the lock-on was still sounding and altitude was so much easier to lose than regain. That's why sacrifice for freedom is rational: it is for life itself and your ability to live it that you act, since life without freedom is the slow, sure death of self-sacrifice to the `good of mankind-who is always someone else.
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  • Amanda told him that she had just formed a local amateur repettory group to do two Tennessee Williams plays a year.
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    I think that's plain enough even for you to see.

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